About TAKK

Lets start from the begining!

Where have we come from?

TAKK all started in the Maldives surfing a remote break in November 2018. It dawned on us that we are not only close to losing many coastal nations (the Maldives being prominent as the whole nation will be lost with only a small increase in sea levels) but also that we are perpetuating this problem.

We had a couple of realisations:

  1. Western society is addicted to consumerism. Working hard all week to buy products that firms are marketing as the key to our happiness. Ending up in a never-ending spiral of excess, waste and growth for growth’s sake.
  2. That we are all so bombarded with the doom and gloom of climate crisis that it is tempting to think ‘well what I can do, we are all fucked’ and just bury our heads in the sand.

We believe that there is a positive way out of this. That we can enjoy the planet in a sustainable way. That we have come up with incredible changes and innovations for society.

While away on that same trip we read a book by our good friend Sam Conniff, ‘Be More Pirate’. Sam argues that true change happens from the fringes of society and uses the example of the Golden Age of pirates which gave us the world’s first true democracy.

This is when our plan came together: There are 35 million surfers and there must be a way to unite this group that sits on the front line of climate change. This cool fringe group that could pull the rest of society with it.

Where are we now?

Well, we haven’t got all the surfers in the world signed up. In fact, we haven't even got one million. But we are getting there.

Is it going to be hard? Yes

Is it impossible? No

Is it starting to work? Yes, slowly but surely.

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It takes 1 to start a revolution, the rest will follow!

Where are we going?

Our vision is a world where we all get to enjoy what earth has to offer, that we still get to aspire, to love, to laugh, but not at the cost of everything else on this rock.

Get involved

If you want to do more and help us grow this movement to make good, please do get involved, share what we are doing, write a blog about it or tell a friend.

We are looking for any help, from story writers to photographers, to idea generators to people willing to run a marathon in aid of TAKK.

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