How to drive change

We can create a movement that is cool, fun and filled with counter culture. Like the waves we ride the momentum will pull others with us. Our movement will, by its very nature, start change.

The weight of our collective movement can force corporations to change. We can unite as one and boycott certain practices.

TAKK will be a loudspeaker for innovative projects and technologies, so that we can help breathe life into and nourish this early-stage work.

To educate and slowly raise self-awareness of daily habits and practices that create change.

One Million

Eco Rob Machado Woolight Surfboard

Help us reach our goal of one million subscribers.

Eco Rob Machado Woolight Surfboard

Every revolutionist gets entered
into a raffle
for an Eco Rob
Machado Woolight Surfboard

It takes 1 to start a revolution, the rest will follow!

Why do we want to reach one million?

At one million, brands, governments and organisations start to take notice of the weight of the movement.

Under this, it is often seen as something that can be fobbed off with a polite, “thanks, we are working on it”.

At one million we really can start to shout.

We have loads of great campaigns coming up from the Firewire Surfboards Woollight board give away to our TAKK Trash surfboard campaign.

But how can you help?

You can tell your friends in the line-up, ask your parents, write TAKK on the nose of your board and post a picture with #TAKK.

Let’s unite and leave the world a better place than we found it.

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more to help?

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