Getting To Know: Penny Slein

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Take us through a typical day back home

When I am home I am up early as most people in South Africa are! I teach yoga every day and, if I’m not teaching, I like to go for walks along the promenade or get out in the beautiful ocean

Where is your favourite break and why?

Durban as I live here!

As a surfer how to do maintain your health and fitness?

I balance my health and fitness by going to sleep really early and having a nap when I get a chance.

What does the Climate Crisis mean to you?

Climate crisis is something we and governments need to start taking seriously. Earth will always survive somehow and evolve and shift as it always does and nature will find a way…but us as humans have already wiped out many species and, unless change occurs, we might soon be including ourselves on that list.

What positive action have you seen where you live?

In Durban many people do beach clean ups however there is still a lot of ignorance regarding climate change and the impact people are having on the earth. Yes, we as individuals need to take responsibility but government have to put an end to or change the manufacturing industries.

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