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OK so what is Spunkity, when did it start and what makes you unique?

“First off, Thanks for having me! Spunkity began in 2018 a couple of years after I started surfing. The more I got out to the beach, the more I realized trash everywhere in the sand, the dunes, between jetty rocks, it was abundant. I then came to understand the reason I was going to the beach (to surf) also contributed to marine pollution, soil leaching and carbon emissions. I wanted to make a change for myself and hopefully inspire others to do the same. It just felt hypocritical as a surfer to trash what brought me so much joy. Our goal at Spunkity is to become the go-to marketplace for everything eco-friendly surfing. From the apparel to the boards and ideally cleaning up the shipping process, we would like to clean up the sport of surfing.”

Which are your favourite eco surf brands and why?

“This is a great question, there are so many! In my recent blog, I highlighted a ton of eco-friendly surf companies but have gotten to know some better than others.

a) First, I would say Wavetribe. They’ve done a great job spearheading the eco-friendly surfing movement and technically created the first eco-friendly leash. They were kind enough to let us host their products as well. So for being our first partner and for being the first in the eco-surf movement, they have a special place in our heart.

b) Second would have to be Earth Technologies as we are fascinated with their business model. They are pretty much “Zero Waste”.
They recycle all the scraps, paintbrushes, cloth and resin in their board making the process, allow it to harden and pass it through a high-density shredder to create eco-friendly surf gear. They also have mealworms that are used to digest EPS foam since they have an enzyme to do so. They’ve really thought the whole process through!

c) Third is Francois Jaubert who created “TRASH: Surf and Gold” where he hosted a competition for eco-friendly surfboard shapers
to come up with their most creative ideas for using recycled materials in the board making the process. Some were from driftwood others entirely from cigarette butts and it really highlighted the diversity and potential to make surfboards from ANYTHING!

d) Fourth is Secondhandsurfboards. Despite being our competition in creating a used surfboard marketplace, they are
definitely outpacing us in the best way possible. The biggest issue with Polyurethane boards is their improper maintenance, repair and disposal. By keeping the boards in use, in proper condition and away from rotting on the ground they save a ton of boards from the fate of the landfill. And they do a great job at running a smooth site so props to them!

e) Lastly, would have to be our friends TAKK Surf. (Gabe you are too kind) With the initiative to have over a million people involved in helping the ocean they realize it all starts with collaboration. They work with pro surfers and eco-surf companies alike to spread the word and don’t take a dollar from the proceeds. Without companies like this actively assisting in the spreading the word and
cleaning our oceans, it would make it hard for us to focus on the methodology of deploying clean-up initiatives and spreading the word for ourselves as well. Great job!

What does the climate crisis mean to you?

“The climate crisis to us is urgent, disheartening but also has a sliver of optimism. With the impacts to our earth being so visible, from overfishing, oil spills, places where the beach is inhabitable to humans and smog that forces people to wear respirators, its clear there must be a change. In contrast, becoming involved in the day to day has exposed me to some awesome companies and people who are doing all they can to overturn this reality. It gives me hope that there are people going unnoticed but working their asses to off make a better future for our children.”

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What positive action have you been most inspired by?

“The positive action I have been the most inspired by is the collaboration amongst us eco-friendly businesses. Since the eco-friendly sect of surfing is rather small, I’m always surprised by the reception I get from reaching out to other companies. How willing they are to help, how willing they are to stick their neck out for you if you need something done. Outside of attempting to save the world, we all know it’s a community, not a monopoly and it’s inspiring to interact with truly altruistic people”

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If you could change one aspect of how we interact with the planet what would it be and why?

“Hmm I would change a TON of things! But if I could only change one aspect that would influence the planet the greatest it would be, speaking with our money. I know being eco-friendly isn’t always the cheapest but that’s because of supply and demand. If people begin buying more products that take the environment into account, they’ll become more affordable. Businesses respond to the market, not the other way around. So I wish people understood the power of the purchase and how easily it would be to force larger companies to offer eco-friendly alternatives for their products. This would influence automobiles and their emissions, the clothing industry, the makeup industry, the surfing industry and much more inevitably. “

“Again, thanks for having me!”

Gabe, it is our pleasure, thank you for your time.

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It takes 1 to start a revolution, the rest will follow!

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