Holiday Packing

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Jim and I are hoping to spend 3 weeks in Bali next year – combining work, researching some environmental projects and surfing. My thoughts have turned to holiday packing. I love planning what I am going to take on holiday and wanted to ensure that this trip we took some more environmentally considered items with us:


Tropic Skin Sun drops gradual tanning face serum.

I am always keen to arrive on holiday with a bit of colour so that I can then cover myself in SPF50 and not worry about tanning. Between you and me I think Jim will secretly be stealing some in order to arrive looking more bronzed surfer than British milk bottle.

This award winning product can be added to your daily moisturiser to gradually add a luminous glow to your face. Tropic Skin was founded by an ex-Apprentice contestant (Susie Ma) and Lord Sugar invested in her sustainable skin care business. All products are ethically sourced and carbon neutrally produced. This product uses fruit enzymes and plant extracts and there is a refill option for bottles. These products are so fresh they are made in the company’s ‘kitchen’ every day.

Tropic Skin Sun Drops

In Flight

I used to get really excited about the inflight kit on aeroplanes – even if I had been and bought myself a travel kit from spaceNK. However, on my last trip, I was really surprised at how much waste there was; how everything came wrapped in plastic – it all seemed so wasteful. Next time, I will be packing in my sustainable cotton washbag:

Fat Panda bamboo toothbrushes

These have handy coloured handles & bristles and I have replaced all my plastic brushes at home with them.


Lush cosmetics do a whole range of solid items such as shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste – all ideal for travelling.


If I had enough spare cash I would invest in GOOP’s Replenishing Night Cream which is made with over 89% organic content. I like something slightly richer on holiday and this would work during the flight and also after a day in the surf.

Face Wash

Garnier Organic Konjac Facial Sponge: Made from the root of the Konjac plant this sponge is brilliant at cleansing the face with just water.

Goop Replenishing Night Cream

Konjac sponge, Garnier

For something comfortable to wear on the flight I would love to get us both a ‘Be The Change’ long sleeve organic cotton tee from Australian surf brand Panamuna which is passionate about protecting the ocean and produces beautiful sustainable clothes via a carbon neutral manufacturing process.

Be The Change T Shirt, Panamuna

Sun Cream

I have really struggled to find a decent suncream that is both eco-friendly but also doesn’t feel like covering my body in wallpaper paste. In addition to this, I also wanted to find a brand that was reef safe and not polluting the water I was surfing in.

Tropic Sun SPF 50 Sun Balm is a handy pot of sun protection goodness, perfect for travel and for protecting those easily burnt areas such as the nose and forehead (& backs of the legs for those surfing in hot weather!) I will be taking this everywhere.

For my body I would like to try Skinnies sun cream which is reef safe, vegan and non toxic. I will be getting both the SPF 30 tinted gel and also the SPF 50 gel cream which is water resistant and a little goes a long way.

Tropic Skin Sun Balm

Skinnies Sun Gel


We’ve been checking out Waterhaul’s Fitzroy Sunnies made from 100% recycled fishing nets intercepted from the ocean, and paired with polarised Barberini mineral-glass lenses, offering complete recyclability and ultimate UVA/UVB 400 protection. The square frame suits both male and female medium to large faces.

Waterhaul’s mission is to take recycled ocean plastic and fishing nets and create outdoor equipment. They’ve started their range with these sunnies.

Waterhaul Fitzroy Sunglasses


On the rare occasion that I don’t have to swim in my winter wetsuit I love a surfsuit (for anyone who doesn’t know, a swimsuit with long sleeves). I have my eye on one of Honesty & Love’s Margot swimsuits. The retro cut is really flattering, they are double lined and, most importantly, stay in place during any wipeout. It’s also made from

I might buy Jim some Outerknown boardshorts – Outerknown was fouded by Kelly Slater and John Moore and creates some of the most stylish, but sustainable, surf kit available.

Red Apex Boardshort Outerknown

Honesty & Love Margot Surf Suit

And finally, a sarong and some surf wax:

Jim is from Bermuda and so I will have to get a bird print sarong from Indigo Song. These sisters from Bermuda are both passionate about caring for the environment and creating wearable souvenirs that are eco-friendly, sustainable, fair trade and non-toxic.

I found a recipe for making our own board wax with beeswax and coconut oil but maybe that’s something we’ll attempt next year! I think instead we will get some Rob Machado organic wax - who could resist this packaging.

Organic Rob Machado Surf Wax - Tropical - 72° - Up:

Its getting easier to find sustainable, organic and ethical products to buy but not totally foolproof. One of the surf suits I had wanted to feature turns out not to be at all sustainable, just stocked by a retailer claiming to be a seller of sustainable kit. Ideally we’ll all be buying less but, when things need replacing, it pays to do your research. If you have any suggestions for good holiday packing ideas please let us know!

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