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Our Why

We believe in looking after the planet and profits. The two do not need to be separated.

We know the next market is the war on climate change.

We believe in commerce but we also believe in environmental longevity and ensuring our great grandchildren can enjoy the planet. For so long, commercial business has been seen as greedy and a polar opposite to caring for the planet.

We believe there is a way to help the planet whilst still making money

A way to live differently without compromising on your lifestyle. We can help the planet and still make money, still enjoy life. We are going to be part of the next market. Are you?

Old ways of investing are going to die out like fossil fuels. With depleting resources, rising oceans & increasing global population it is obvious that the next big opportunity will be in innovations. Innovations which are sustainable and which stop or slow climate change to ensure the future of our planet for many generations to come.


The Facts
Climate change isn’t coming, its already here!

​Fossil Fuels

Oil and Gas have approximately 50 years remaining. Coal has 100 years.

​Global Carbon Budget

250Bn tonnes of Co2 – if all remaining reserves are burnt the total amount of C02 burnt would be 750Bn tonnes. Therefore there is a political angle to ensuring new technologies start to work.

​Rising Levels

The Maldives will be underwater in 30-50 years.


The Next Big Market

The next big markets and the companies that succeed in them will be solution companies. Solutions which work with growing populations, have lower impact on current energy supplies and focus on their people.

We see the five key areas as:







We see business and innovation as the best route forward to finding alternatives to solve climate change.

Alternatives which will change the way we live in order to protect the planet. We believe that by investing in lean, flexible, growing companies who are focusing on their innovation and internal culture we can not only help grow this new market but also profit from it.

TAKK Cap. is only looking at opportunities which have an effect on climate change and can bring large returns. To find these opportunities, we are looking at four main market drivers:


The space between technology and climate change. This has been evident in many sectors. For example, Apple exploiting the gap between tech and music; transforming how we interact with music and tech forever and creating a billion dollar industry.


Nothing is more evident in the market of climate change than the drivers behind depleting resources. As discussed, oil and gas are forecast to run out in 50 years. Even if the best case forecasts are true, oil and gas reserves will only last another 100 years. With a rising population and political agenda to reduce CO2 output, alternative energy sources must be found. Fuel and energy is well documented and when we look along the innovation curve there are many new disruptive technologies coming onto the market all the time. However, it could be argued that many of these innovations are only medication for the symptoms rather than treatment for the underlying problem. For this we need true disruptive innovation and change.


Over the next decade, we will see huge changes in how our society interacts with the planet. Consumers are already becoming acutely aware of the impact which their current lifestyles have on the environment and the legacy that leaves for future generations. This is bringing with it new market opportunities. For example, the meat industry is currently the single biggest contributor to greenhouse gases. In 2018, global meat production fell by 2% and specific meat free alternatives grew in many sectors and saw the adoption by high street brands like Pret-a-Manger of vegan only options and vegan only stores.


Disruptive Technology

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