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A partnership that makes a difference

We are proud to announce our partnership with SeaTrees in a goal to plant more mangrove trees.


Because mangrove trees can be 5x more effective than a rainforest at removing carbon from the atmosphere - while also providing nursery habitat for many ocean species, such as fish, turtles, birds, shellfish, and… sharks

SeaTrees our main offsetting partner. They are recognised by the United Nations, and every pledge we receive 20% goes to SeaTrees to plant more mangroves. Find out more about our pledge scheme and how we breathe life into climate change programs here


Mangrove trees have a variety of importances,

aside from Co2 absorption. Firstly, Mangrove forests tend to house a large
variety of fish and other marine life. They act as a vital source of food for
coastal communities all around the world.

Mangrove wood is also a valuable product due to it’s resistant to rot and insects. This makes it an invaluable material for construction for many coastal and indigenous communities. The longevity of this material combined with its natural production make it an incredibly useful
material that also doesn’t add to the carbon footprint.

The trees of Mangrove trees also prove to be very helpful as they provide coastal protection. The dense roots of these trees help to stabilise the coastline and prevent erosion from waves and storms. It has been seen that in areas where mangrove trees have been cleared and
removed, coastal damage from hurricanes and typhoons is far more severe.

Learn more about the amazing work SeaTrees are doing here

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