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TEDx Brighton October 2019

​In 2019 TAKK was asked to take part in TEDx Brighton - the largest independently organised TED Talk in the UK. The theme for 2019 was ‘Turning Point – moments that change the world forever’. Speakers from all walks of life took to the stage to share a powerful experience that illustrated a key turning point in their life.

The speakers included a young conservationist, a Refugee entering the art and design world, a Cornish chef, an ex-Convict, a campaigner for female politicians and a children’s author. Despite appearing to have nothing in common they all shared one common goal – to inspire, and reflect on their own experiences and how this had formed a turning point in their lives.

Jim onstage at TEDx Brighton

The Night Before

The evening before the talk, all the speakers gather for dinner and get to know each other. This was a highlight of the weekend and such a delight to be surrounded by so many inspiring and fascinating characters, all nervous and excited about sharing their stories.

On The Day

The day was split into 4 sections of 4 speakers and ​Jim was first on stage! The title of his talk was ‘How Surfers Can Change the World’ and it discussed the power of fringe groups and their role in changing the course of history. We could go into detail here but it’s best heard with Jim’s enthusiastic delivery in the video below.

The entire day was amazing - so humbling to hear so many moving and life-changing stories in one room, delivered by so many people who had never been on such a large public stage before.

If you’ve never been to a TEDx before, either as a speaker or audience member, we highly reccommend it. Enjoy the video!

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