What is TAKK

We are a not-for-profit, run by surfers, for surfers, to protect the planet for future generations.

Our Mission

  1. Working to sustain all life on earth.
  2. Learning how we can enjoy the planet without bleeding all the resources from it
  3. Evolving society’s values so future generations can have a more fulfilling existence

How we do that

  1. Uniting a movement to create a positive voice
  2. Breathing life into disruptive climate saving investments
  3. Educating businesses that profits and sustainability do not need to be separate

Our Collective

For us, our collective - as a little band of Pirates - our ‘why’ could not be more apparent. We believe that we need to unite humanity, not divide it. We believe that disruptive innovation could save humanity. We believe that true change comes from the fringes of society, not the centre. Our ‘why’ is our children, the next generation and all life on earth.

We are made up of an eclectic group of surfers, creatives, entrepreneurs, investors and change-makers. A diverse group but ultimately we are all united as pirates to make good s**t happen.

Our Friends

We are very excited to have the following friends supporting TAKKsurf.

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TAKK ‘T’ for good

When you become a supporter of TAKKsurf you can display the TAKK ‘T’ for good. This displays that you are supporting a positive movement, that you want to find ways to sustain all life on earth and find meaningful initiatives from the fringes to enable a positive change.

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