Why Surfers

True change comes from the fringes of society, from the explorers, adventurers, inventors, and artists who seed ideas. Surfers are often pioneers of great change and have permeated all areas of popular culture such as films, music, art, advertising and fashion.

Surfers could not be a better platform from which to start a movement. They see climate change first hand every day and have been campaigning for action against climate change for decades.

Surfers are a 35 million-strong group dotted across the globe, united by a love for the ocean and a common bond of trust. Just imagine what good we could do if we harnessed this power, trust and passion and targeted it at saving the planet.

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We love surfing and are acutely aware that surfing is incredibly reliant on a healthy environment. Surfers often avoid traditional first-world culture and choose to live in harmony with the sea and life. As Wikipedia says “These ‘soul surfers’ are a vibrant and long-standing sub-group”.

Their interest in the environment has created local interest groups in pockets all over the globe which influence behaviour and development in their local areas. We are looking to give these communities a global voice so that we can harness their power to start a movement.

This movement will create a unique global network - a web connecting these fringe movements all over the globe.

This community of surfers is one way of finding local solutions to a global problem.

It just takes one to start a revolution, the rest will follow.

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We are very lucky and proud to be supported by these incredible surfers and creatives who are helping spread the TAKK message.

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